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The following ideas and academic institutions demonstrate the extraordinary educational experiences that are attainable today. As practical experiences, says Dubberke, they best describe the modern, globally-minded professional. In any industry, it is essential to know that an international education is more valuable than ever before.

Of the many credentials that professionals, experienced or otherwise, exhibit on their résumés and curricula vitae, “global mindset” is not spelled out in the same obvious ways as Ph.D. and vice president. Because it is no simple task to determine the global competency of various candidates, HR practitioners and global mobility professionals require a framework to understand the cultural aptitudes individuals need to thrive in multicultural environments as, among others, new hires, project managers, and international assignees.

What Is a Global Mindset?

Today, an education that allows you to be competitive in the workplace increasingly is about developing a global mindset through studying abroad or collaborating with and learning about people from other cultures. First, what is a global mindset?

Recent research from the Worldwide ERC® Foundation for Workforce Mobility and the Thunderbird School of Global Management, “Global Mindset Defined,” explains it as, “a mix of individual attributes that enable [someone] to successfully influence those who are different from him/her.”

International experience and education no longer are value-added qualities but, rather, are prerequisites for success in the global marketplace. Cultural awareness and cultural knowledge are crucial to being successful in global business, which is why international degree programs are perfect for the development of these assets.

“A global mindset allows you to recognize marketplace opportunities, manage and motivate diverse employees, and tap into a range of alternative ideas about how to run your business so that cultural hurdles don’t take you far off course,” state Charlene M. Solomon and Michael S. Schell in their new book, “Managing Across Cultures: the Seven Keys to Doing Business With a Global Mindset.

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